This web page's content and links are no longer actively maintained. It is available for reference purposes only. NASA Official: Robert A. Bindschadler

Find an Antarctic Feature

This feature will give you a view of LIMA centered on a feature you choose.

First, you will be sent to a query form for the Geographic Names Information System for Antarctica where you can search nearly 14,000 official names by name, location, or other characteristics.

Click on one of the possibly multiple entries that satisfy your search, and you will be given a short description with location and other information about the feature. By clicking on the "View feature in Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (LIMA)" link in the upper right, you will be taken to the USGS Antarctic Atlas web site with the image view centered on the feature you selected. If the LIMA imagery layer is not already turned on, open the Satellite Imagery tab and check the box labeled "LIMA Natural Color (Bands 3, 2, 1)". You also can turn on the geographic names (under the "Geographic Names" tab) to check the location of your feature.

The Landsat view feature does not work if the feature is farther south than 82.5°S, the southern limit of Landsat's view.

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