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Antarctic Mysteries



Is the Ice Moving?

If you were to stand on the surface of Antarctica, the ground beneath you would seem solid and secure enough. But your perception is not entirely true. Though the ice rarely moves fast enough for our human eyes to detect, the ice of Antarctica is actually on the move! When we view the surface from above and observe it over time, we begin to see that large blocks that are separated by large wide cracks (called crevasses) slowly move across the surface of the continent. One of the more powerful tools we have to observe the ice on the move are images from Landsat. We can use the images to measure the motion, detect the direction of the flow, and tell where the ice speed is fast and where it is slow.

More on the LIMA Project

Dr. Robert A. Bindschadler
Want to learn more about the LIMA Project and Landsat imagery? Watch the video to listen to what a scientist has to say about the project.